Okay so here is the basic 411 on me.  I am extremely blessed to be married to my soul mate.  ❤  I remember our wedding as if it was yesterday, but in fact it was almost 18 years ago.  I am the daughter of two amazing people I am very blessed to claim as my parents.  ❤  I have a bachelor’s degree in Physics.  Have a varied work history – best job ever was working as a Cast Member at the Disney Store, math/science teacher is a close second (children are amazing and I hope to have my own soon), analyst, computer programmer, and RN (current job and so not what I thought it would be like).  My dream job is a tossup between being a writer or a rancher/farmer.

My first passion is cooking.  I love pretty much everything about it.  The smells, creating new things, the taste when the dish is successful, the smiles when people enjoy what I have made, and how good food can turn a frown upside down.  I even enjoy the cleanup, crazy I know.  However, washing the pans and cooking ware makes me smile because of how much I enjoy using them (and because some of them are just pretty such as my antique Pyrex bowls).  The dishes and silverware make me smile because I think of the happiness of my family during the meal and well because they too are pretty.  What can I say I am kind of simple sometimes.  😊  I love to garden because I love to use home grown items in my cooking and I absolutely love having cut flowers around the house.  I plan to make more time for this in the upcoming year – I think it keeps a person more aware of the seasons.

I am in love with the idea of quilting and sewing, so I want to do more of that this year.  Knitting is also one of the things I love to do.  Socks are probably my favorite thing to knit, but I will be honest I do get second sock syndrome.  ☹  This year I also want to try my hand at a few new things – making my own beer and building my own computer.  I have wanted to try both forever, but have been too afraid to mess them up.  I also want to get better at drawing/painting and hand embroidery.

I love to read and to watch movies.  Persuasion and Dragonflight are tied as my favorite books, followed closely by Dune.  I am a huge science fiction/fantasy fan.  I would give my eyeteeth to be a dragon rider!!!  Love playing World of Warcraft!  (Varian you will be missed!!!  Blizz this was not cool.)  I am waiting with baited breath for the next Game of Thrones (or ASoIaF) book to come out.  Extremely bummed I have to wait over a year from now for the last season of the TV show.  Huge Star Trek fan (TOS is my favorite and Spock was the first love of my life – so want the Spock Fathead).  I love Star Wars have watched all the movies more times than I can count and have watched all the cartoons.  Batman was the second love of my life.  I love comic books.  When I was little I had a very difficult time reading because of my dyslexia.  My awesome Mom got comic books for me – the beautiful artwork helped tell the story and the topics were more grown up, yet still had fewer words.  I have loved them ever since.

Most importantly nothing makes me more happy than being home and taking care of my family and animals.  We have a cadre of them.  An adorable puppy (well he is 4 years old so not really a puppy anymore, but he still seems like it to me.).  Two cats a petite, black beauty who is the queen of the house at 18, she is so tiny and such a sweetheart.  We also have a little rascal (well big at 10+ pounds, none of it fat) who I raised since his eyes were closed.  He is a gorgeous flame point.  We also have two horses.  One is my husband’s horse, a quarter horse who looks like a surfer (flaxen chestnut), nicknamed “The Dude”.  He is a curious troublemaker who is very sweet and cuddly (and always trying to see if he can be the boss).  The other is my sweet, handsome boy.  He is a brown and white pinto with what looks like a Mickey head across his back.  He is an Arabian/Saddlebred cross (aka National Show Horse).  He is smart as a whip and pretty much likes me and no one else.  He will however tolerate my husband when he has treats or food!!!  😊

Well those are the salient points in a large nutshell.  I want to make my life into a magical one.  My plans are to do things that will bring more magic into my life and that of my family.  I also want to be more healthy and aware of things.  I feel as though the last decade and more I have just been asleep, sick, and/or too tired to do anything except drag myself to work.  Life is short and precious – I don’t want to waste anymore of it!!!

Many Blessings – DHG