On a Path to a Magical Life

A few things happened within the last year that woke me up to the person I have become – a sad zombie.  My husband and I went to Disneyland for our Wedding Anniversary.  We had the best vacation we have ever had.  I felt like a little kid again.  My husband encouraged me to meet Ariel and get her autograph.  I felt ridiculous, a fluffy, unpolished middle-aged woman getting an autograph and her picture taken amongst children 10 or less.  However, when Ariel gave me a hug and told my husband and me “Happy Anniversary,” I too felt what I saw in the faces of the children around me – elation.  It connected me for a moment to something I had lost touch with a long time ago.

A few months later, after my 43rd birthday, I was staring out the window of our home, lost in thought.  I have no idea what I was thinking about, probably something work related.  A hummingbird came into view, I was aware of it but I didn’t really see it.  Then it landed on a nearby branch.  I then took note, because I rarely see them still.  They are always busy, wings working furiously in a gorgeous spray of color.  The moment seemed to stretch on.  Then the beautiful little bird became a blur of color once more and I lost sight of him or her.  I was awed by the special moment.  It felt that I had been given something precious.

I realized life is full of these magical moments that I have become oblivious to or too busy to notice.  I decided I wanted to change that, I want a magical life.  I want to get in touch with that little girl who chases butterflies and looks for fairies.  I want to bring the happiness that comes with those feelings to my family and friends.  I also don’t think I am the only one who feels that way.  So I wanted to start this blog – to give others inspiration and to keep me on track.

I actually started to do this last May.  It feels like yesterday and yet it is almost January of the next year.  I want to be awake through life and aware of the passing of time, instead of a zombie.  So if you feel the same, join me on this journey.  New things will be tried, some silly and some serious.  It is time to do the things that bring my family and me joy – cooking, sewing, make-up, kittens/puppies/horses, science, and the yet to be discovered.

So here’s is to a fresh new year – full of joy and magic!!!  Many Blessings – DHG


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